Send Google Maps location to iphone TomTom app


An easy way to send a Google Maps location to your iphone TomTom app

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to find this out, it’s so easy.

It is much easier to find a location on Google maps than by using the TomTom app on your mobile phone. In the past, I have always used Google Maps to find where I want to go, whether that be a hotel, a car park, a football ground etc. Once familiar with my destinations location on the map I would then find it on the TomTom app and add it as a favourite location.

All that takes quite a while but you can save time by sending a link to your destination to your TomTom app, via email. Here’s how.

Use Google maps to create a link to your destination

1. Find your destination on Google Maps. Later this year I will be spending a couple of nights at the Best Western in Hythe so I will use that as an example.

2. Click on the map at the exact point you want to navigate to.

3. The coordinates of your destination will now be displayed under the search box in the top left corner of the Google Maps screen.

Google maps showing coordinates of Best Western Hythe

4. Copy the coordinates and paste them in to the following link replacing the coordinates shown here in red:


Send the location to your TomTom app and add as a favourite

Best Western at Hythe on TomTom iphone app

5. Email this link to an email account you can access from your iPhone.

6. Open your iPhone email app and click on the link.

7. Your TomTom app should now open showing your destination on the map.

8. Tap the cross-hairs and the name of your location will be shown. West Parade in this example.

9. Tap the name and choose Save location to add the location to your favourites.

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