Remove Modern (Metro) Apps from Windows 8


Windows 8 bundled metro apps

Most PC manufacturers bundle additional software, often trial versions, on their computers. They do this because they get paid to do it and this helps them keep the cost of the PC down.

The problem for the new PC or laptop owner is that they didn’t ask for this software and they probably don’t want it. As far as they are concerned their PC has come bundled with a bunch of crapware which they now need to deal with.

Removing Office, Antivirus trials and other programs is relatively easy, just go to Control Panel \ Programs and Features and uninstall in the usual way.

Removing Modern (Metro) Apps from Windows 8

It is easy to remove Metro apps, now known as Modern apps, for an individual Windows 8 user. Just right click on the App icon on either the Start screen or the Apps screen and select uninstall. But this does not completely remove the app. The app is still there on the computer’s hard disk taking up disk space and each new user you create on the computer will have the same crapware apps cluttering up their Start screen.

Removing bundled Modern Apps with Windows 8 App Remover

It is possible to completely remove some Modern Apps from you computer using the Windows 8 App Remover, download from Sourceforge,

Unfortunately the Windows 8 App Remover does not list all the crapware such as the Amazon and Ebay apps so we need another method to remove those.

Remove individual crapware Windows 8 Modern (Metro) Apps and prevent them reappearing for new user accounts.

Using this method will remove the app from the computer preventing Windows adding them to the Start page on new user accounts. However you will still need to right click the app icons and select uninstall to remove the icons from existing accounts.

The files for each Modern App are stored in a folder in the c:\ProgramFiles\WindowsApps folder. To delete an app simply find it’s folder and delete it.

Find the WindowsApps folder.

  1. Open Windows Explorer (hold the Windows key and hit the E key)
  2. From the View menu choose Options.
  3. On the View tab select Show hidden files folders and drives and deselect Hide protected operating system files and click OK.
  4. You should now be able to find the c:\ProgramFiles\WindowsApps folder.

Change permissions on the WindowsApps folder.

  1. Right click the WindowsApps folder and select Properties.
  2. On the Security tab click the Advanced button.
  3. Where it says Unable to display current owner, click the Change option.
  4. Enter the name of the account you use to log in to the PC or laptop you are working on and click OK.
  5. Click to select Replace owner on subcontainers and objects and click the Apply button.
  6. Click OK, OK and OK to close all open security windows and the folder properties window.
  7. You should now be able to enter the WindowsApps folder. When prompted, click Continue.

Delete individual app folders

In the WindowsApps folder you will find a folder for each of the Modern Aps. It should now be easy to spot the folder associated with an individual app and delete it.

That’s it! The steps above will delete the app for all users and it will no longer reappear for new user accounts.

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