Simon HartWelcome to Simon-hart.net. I am finally getting this domain up and running.

I am moving my old neglected site h4rt.co.uk to this domain. I have owned h4rt.co.uk for some time but that domain name is not good for search engine optimisation. Since my surname is Hart, not H4rt, simon-hart.net is much more likely to show in Google and other search engine results, should anybody search for me.

I am building the site with WordPress. The ease of use and the functionality it and other content management systems such as Drupal provide mean my days of building html sites are over.

I will be using this site mainly to talk about the work I do on other web sites and to promote those sites. I will also post the occasional photo I am happy with and some panoramic photos. I love the effect you get from panoramas, whether they be several individual shots stitched together or the auto panoramas you can now take with many modern digital cameras and even smart phones.


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